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  • To open an Eye Level Learning Center, how much money and space do i need?
    • The initial Investment is a $5,000 franchise fee, but it takes additional capital to afford the rent, deposit, initial marketing, and possible build-out costs of the site. You will also need to provide the center with furnishings, supplies, materials, a computer, signage, and other costs associated with establishing the center. The Investments range, according to the 2020 FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) is from $52,318~$121,650, depending upon the choices you make and the costs you may incur. The center site is approximately 900 to 1,200 square feet, but may be as small as 600 square feet, depending upon the availability of space and affordable rent options. Incidentally, under Eye Level’s current center opening support program, you will receive up to a $3,000 reimbursement subsidy for your primary signage.
  • Are there any franchise opportunities in my area?
    • You can view the available market areas by state on the ‘available territories’ tab of this website, or you can contact the Regional Franchise Developement Manager for the area in which you are interested. Complete the ‘quick inquiry’ window below to expedite our ability to service you and answer your questions. We are growing rapidly, and since we allow multi-unit franchise opportunities, the hot markets are in high demand. We have many excellent markets available in most states. Call now to discuss with the Regional Franchise Development Manager for specifics in your area.
  • How much is the royalty fee?
    • The Eye Level royalty is designed to enable a franchisee to pay a low royalty while starting out and establishing the center. While enrollment is building at the center, the royalty is a very affordable flat rate per subject (starting at $36.00/month), but as enrollment grows the royalty drops (to as low as $32./month per subject) . The royalty fee includes student study materials, so it is virtually all-inclusive. There is a $15. one-time enrollment fee for each newly enrolled student (not charged per subject). The enrollment fee includes provisions for the student start-up materials and classroom folders.
  • What kind of qualifications do I need?
    • We are seeking talented individuals who love children, value education, and are passionate about providing a valuable service to the families in the community. We look for excellent communicators in order to build bridges with schools in the community and effectively communicate with the parents as well as with the students. As an educator, we expect that you will hold a college degree, and an appreciation for the philosophy and methodology of our learning system. As an entrepreneur, we expect that you have excellent organizational skills in order to manage the operations of the center, including the management of staff. You also are required to have a stable credit history and strong financial background, including a minimum liquid assets of over $60,000 and a net worth of over $120,000 for a single unit, including all asset considerations. Of course, we will conduct a proper background check to ensure that there is a clear criminal history on each franchisee. (Franchisees likewise are required to conduct background checks on all of their employees over age 18). As the Franchise owner, you are not obligated to be the Center Director. The Center Director ideally would have an excellent grasp of the educational industry, and be able to converse easily in such topics. The Center Director also oversees the Math and English Instructors, so the Franchisee and/or Center Director do not need to be highly proficient in the subject areas. The Center Director must be sure that all staff members are highly proficient in the given subject areas, and the levels in which they would be facilitating the students.
  • Do I sign a contract?
    • Yes. Once you have been provided the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and had the proper amount of time to review the document and conduct your own validation of our system, then you would be offered a Franchise Agreement contract. Once your franchise agreement is fully executed, you (or your Operating Principal) would be enrolled into the Foundational Training Program. There is no fee for the training itself, unless more than 2 individuals attend the Foundational training. All travel and lodging costs associated with the Foundational training are your responsibility as a part of the initial investment.
  • Who pays for the advertising?
    • The Franchisee is responsible for advertising and promotional programs, particularly those which are ‘micro-market’ centered and would generate the most likely result for enrollment into your center. As part of the Franchise Agreement, you would be required to invest $6000 on the initial marketing to promote your grand opening events. Additionally, you would be expected to plan a reasonable budget for ongoing monthly/quarterly advertising to actively promote your center in your market area. The Franchise Agreement also requires a Brand Development Fund (BDF) of $1/subject/month. BDF are spent at the Corporate discretion, but are typically used for nationwide campaigns, or for co-op marketing efforts at the local branch level. Such co-op programs can include matching, prorated, or flat-rate reimbursements for pre-approved marketing efforts you conduct in your area, and may be enhanced through cooperative advertising efforts conducted jointly with neighboring franchisees. The branch offices typically conduct ‘macro-marketing’ campaigns that will help build awareness in the overall broader market areas.
  • How do I get students in my Learning Center?
    • Similar to any other retail business, marketing and advertising your services to the local community is crucial in bringing in customers or students. In training you will learn many successful market strategies, and will develop a Business Plan (and a grand opening plan) that will be reviewed and approved by the Eye Level Staff. As part of the Business Plan approval process, the Eye Level Staff will work closely with you to determine possible marketing options in your particular area, and help you determine the most feasible options to employ. Of course you will need to invest marketing programs, but there are many no-cost or low-cost activities that are very successful. They do however require your active participation to build bridges with schools in the community, network with educators, meet parents at the PTA, etc. The Eye Level Staff will offer excellent advise to help you achieve your goal!
  • What qualifications should I seek if I were to hire assistants?
    • Eye Level has many tools and guidebooks to help you run your Center operation successfully, including staff training and screening of talented employees. The most important thing to know is that your Center’s Math and English Instructors need to be competent and proficient in their field, and also have a passion for our system of instruction. The staff must also have a love of children, and patience! Remember, we need to see things from the child’s perspective. Our center staff must be able to learn and appreciate our method, and be able to praise and motivate students for their achievements. Each role in the center has specific requirements, so we guide you in how to best select the appropriate staff members.
  • What materials are provided by Eye Level, and how much do they cost?
    • As mentioned previously, the royalty you remit includes all the student booklets for classroom use, and workbooks for homework. The royalty structure is explained briefly above, The monthly royalty will be $36 per Subject-Student during the Probationary Period and $32 per Subject-Student — which including the study materials. There are additional tools that are provided as part of the initial stock order, but certain items have a chargeable fee for re-order.
  • What kind of support do I receive from Eye Level after opening my center?
    • We have Branch offices located throughout the country to support our franchisees. The branches are staffed with Field Consultants who will work with each centers to offer advice and support to improve center operations and efficiencies. They also provide guidance and support in instruction and other classroom and student related issues. The Eye Level staff are well trained and able to provide specific guidance. We also have Regional Trainers who support the branches in all aspects of instruction with our Eye Level curriculum. It is critical that our centers provide the best service to our students, so from time to time, the Regional Trainers will hold workshops and seminars for our franchisees, to equip them with the knowledge to facilitate their students. The Branch Managers also provide significant marketing support for the region and the individual centers. On a national scale, our Head Office provides Field Support services to the branches, such as Training, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, and Technical support (for example with our proprietary database system), or National Social Media support such as Facebook pages and individual center websites.
  • To open an Eye Level Learning Center, how much money and space do i need?
    • The amount of initial Investments will vary depending on several factors, including the location of learning center, rental and management costs, cost of living in your area, travel and associated costs
      to attend startup training, cost of advertising and publicity, cost of computers and other office equipment, and staffing costs should you decide to hire assistants. A learning center must average at least 1,000 square feet.
      You may buy or lease the designated space. For more details, please contact your nearest Eye Level regional headquarters.
  • Any franchise opportunities in my area?
    • The Eye Level policy is to provide our superior educational services in as many countries and cities as possible. We presently operate in many countries, including those in North America and Asia. If you are interested in opening an Eye Level Learning Center, please check first to see if that particular area offers any opportunities.
      Once you apply for a franchise license, our Franchise Development Department will review your application.
  • What kind of support do I get from Eye Level after I open the Learning Center?
    • Through one of our offices located near you, we will provide you with support in all areas to help
      ensure the growth of your learning center and the student. We will inform you of updates and continue to send you revised materials. We will maintain continued communication with you,
      either through our website or directly through our marketing staff. We will also organize
      seminars and training programs for teachers and instructors. Our goal is to keep you notified of all recent developments in our educational program.
  • What kind of qualifications do I need?
    • We look for someone who has teaching experience, either in a formal school setting or informal learning center.
      We also prefer someone who has a solid business background that will look to hire qualified instructors. A desirable applicant is also someone who is willing to work with young children
      by communicating at the children’s “eye” level and possesses superb math and reading skills. Additionally, the applicant should have strong ties with
      the community and share our vision of excellence in education. Although applicants are required to hold a four-year college degree, exceptions can be made in particular circumstances.
      All applicants are required to complete our Initial Training Program as well as a criminal background
      and credit check.
  • How much is the royalty fee?
    • Our royalty fee is structured to help you establish a successful learning center. We have various types of royalty models, depending on the country of operation. For details, please
      schedule a private consultation with our staff.
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    • Before opening an Eye Level Center, the prospective franchisee will have to sign a contract gives information regarding our program , our company, and our regulations.
      More detailed information about our programs will be disclosed after the signing of the initial contract.
  • Who pays for the advertising?
    • All advertising and publicity responsibilities at the local level belong to the franchisee. We will assist the franchisee in designing graphics or developing other advertising and/or publicity materials. However, the franchisee must submit all self-developed advertising and publicity materials for approval to our office before release.
  • How do I get students in my learning center?
    • We provide you with a customized marketing plan for your chosen location once your business plan has been approved and you have been invited to attend the Initial Training Program. Marketing plans to attract students may vary depending on the location of the planned learning center.
  • What qualifications should I seek if I were to hire assistants?
    • We believe that you and your staff should fully comprehend the philosophy of the Eye Level education system.
      Consequently, the assistants should possess qualifications similar to that of actual operators of learning centers; although some exceptions may apply For details, please refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
      Please note that you, as the owner/employer of the learning center, will be solely responsible for the assistants you choose to hire.